• 4 CORE
  • 8Gb RAM
  • 25Gb
  • 1/10 Gbit
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  • 6 CORE
  • 10Gb RAM
  • 30Gb
  • 1/10 Gbit
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  • 8 CORE
  • 12Gb RAM
  • 40Gb
  • 1/10 Gbit
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  • 10 CORE
  • 14Gb RAM
  • 55Gb
  • 1/10 Gbit
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  • 12 CORE
  • 16Gb RAM
  • 70Gb
  • 1/10 Gbit
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  • 14 CORE
  • 18Gb RAM
  • 85Gb
  • 1/10 Gbit
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  • 16 CORE
  • 20Gb RAM
  • 125Gb
  • 1/10 Gbit
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  • 18 CORE
  • 22Gb RAM
  • 150Gb
  • 1/10 Gbit
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Virtual Dedicated Servers

If you combine a great virtualisation platform with completely dedicated hardware, you get our Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) product. These servers are designed to give you the resources of a dedicated server for a fraction of the price.
Each VDS comes with completely dedicated CPU Cores, RAM and HARD Drives. You ll never have to worry about competing for resources with othercustomers and you can be confident that you are getting the most out of the resources you are paying for.

Server Management

We know flexibility and control is important, so we made sure each VDS is ready for whatever you throw at it. When you create your server you can choose between Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS) or Windows (2012, 2008). Plus, once your server is ready to go you will have full administrator/root access, giving you the ultimate control.

This is just the beginning. The most important part of the management enables you access to manage virtual servers directly in the client area! You will be able to control the server, backups, firewall as well as access noVNC/VNC console, statistics, graphs and much more! Additionally, the managent permitting you to monitor CPU, Memory, Network Traffic, Disk IO also without leaving the client area.