• Halloween 31 October 2015

    Starting 31 October, under Halloween secret spell, you have to come into DreamServer land and fight the evil spirits for power, conquering all territories with 25% discount. But be really careful! The spell breaks on 3 November, so until then, you must prove how malefic you can be!

  • 6 Years DreamServer13 June 2015

    Do you know that DreamServer has celebrates 6 years?
    Happy birthday DreamServer!

    Now at DreamServer you can get a VPS server with just 10 euro, what can be coolest than this?
    Do you want a dedicated server? Very good, you can rent one for 50 euro.
    Are you afraid that your ressources won t be enough? What do you say if you will try a dedicated server with 24 cores and 64 Gb of RAM ? Or maybe you already have one or more dedicated servers. What you will say if you will colocate them in our rack from the best datacenter.
    Some may say that we are exagerating, but we can offer much more than this, so don t be a stranger and send us an email at: contact@dreamserver.ro