• Greetings from Moscov 15 September 2014

    Hello, I am Ivanovic, Serghei Ivanovic from Moscov.
    I want to tell you from today I am starting to protect all servers that belong to DreamServer.ro and I suggest you to stay on your ass and don t try flooding servers or anything stupid because I am watching you.
    Probably Your thinking this is a joke, Well you re wrong.
    We can get rid of you in any minute, you know? We work 24/7 so watch your back.
    Have a good day!
  • 5 Years DreamServer13 June 2014

    Five years of DreamServer
    Listen carefully as I introduce you to a world like no other, a world far beyond your wildest imagination, a place where your dreams come to life, far away from the place where evolution is the key to your survival.
    Relax, as you drift deep into your own thoughts, contemplate the reason you exist,
    Will the value of your triumph s today be worth the same tomorrow? or Will it self destruct and destroy the human race as you know it, will you control your life? Or Will your life control you?
    Now follow me freely as I lead you to MY OWN REALITY