• 7 Годы DreamServer 13 Июнь 2016

    You re looking for a dedicated server, VDS or VPS ?

    Our VPS is the ideal solution for clients who require the control of a dedicated server matched with the affordability of shared hosting. Scale up and down as required without any downtime with instant upgrades between plans and no need to reinstall your VPS.

    Each VDS comes with completely dedicated CPU Cores, RAM and HARD Drives. You ll never have to worry about competing for resources with other customers.

    When you require the best performance, reliability and security, you need dedicated hardware. Our BladeServer are exceptionally fast come with 24 core, 48 Gb ram, two disks sas and can be upgraded to 10Gbit/s connection.

    Why does excellence sell when it comes to hosting?
    Those who borrow dedicated servers are intelligent, educated, have ideas, understand, see and think with their own mind. They compare themselves to the offered services and test them. They have uptime and quality standards. When they happen to find what they re looking for, the price does not matter anymore.

    We offer support with Years of Experience. We re here for you. Day or Night, our geeks, nerds and tech veterans are here to give you the best answer possible.
  • DreamServer Voxility 01 Январь 2016

    How can you achieve your goal without seeing your target?

    People today complain of lack of time, it is not a problem due to lack of time is a problem of lack of direction. We believe that we are on a mission, we believe that we all have a purpose, and the great challenge is to be aligned withit. We have kept our promises and we have gained partners that they keep their promises in turn. We rely on these partners and they are with us when we need them because we were there for them. We have always tried to bring out the best in people, to support them and encourage their dream.

    What we think you should do in order to achieve your dream in 2016:
    - Treat others as you want to be treated.
    - Do not try to cheat. (Never one that sit in the sun of someone else can shine)
    - Pay your debts. (You can pay now or you pay later double)
    - And something else, In 2016 do what you do not want to do. (God does not judge by what you have done, but by what you should do)

    How easy it is to blame someone for the things that do not work and how hard it is to be a positive person with the best intentions. Most of the people, even when the positive people are trying to raise their morale, they are so determined to be negative that they change the meaning of every positive thing, every positive intention, in a negative one. Our message does not want to contribute to your negativity, you can take this message as a kind of insurance that you expect in 2016 with credible promises.

    We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!